A Phone Call Away

Welcome to A Phone Call Away. We are the premier provider of personal services, making you feel at ease with the worries of fitting all those time consuming chores into your day, allowing you to do the things you want to do.

Our goal is to provide the very best in customer service and loyalty to you.  Because our quality control standards are high, our employees are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver quality service. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy.

The following is a partial list of services we offer.  If you have a need you don't see on this list, feel free to ask.


If you're in a bind and don't have any more time in the day to run to the store then call on us to help!

Dry Cleaning/Alterations

Need to drop stuff at the cleaners or need something hemmed that you planned to drop off before work or pick up after, and suddenly everything changed.  Well, A Phone Call Away is there to help!

Taking the Dog/Cat to the Vet or Groomer

Your pets are your family too, and they also need attention; a check up or grooming to look good every once in a while.  Sometimes you have to take the day off just to do that and work gets behind.  Let A Phone Call Away be there!

The Dog Needs some Loving Care

Is your dog stuck at home all day or do you take your lunch break to go home to them out?  Well you deserve to spend your lunch break somewhere with friends, by yourself or at a last minute business meeting.  Let A Phone Call Away be the one to spend some time with your furry one at home.

Getting Prescriptions

So your pharmacy called and said your prescription was ready to pick up, and you are stuck at work late, you have errands to run on your lunch break or at one of your kid's events.  All you need to do is give approval to your pharmacy for us to pick them up for you.  Let A Phone Call Away be there when you can't!

Arranging air fare, cab/rental car/limo and hotel!

Don't want to take the time or need a last minute reservation booked don't hesitate to call!

Have a Plumber, Cable Person, Landscaper......etc

Can't be there to wait for one of these service guys, then let us do it for you!

Need Help with Something not Listed

I know people have busy lives.  The items above are just basic things that people need help with.  If you have something different don't hesitate to ask.  It could be booking air fare, calling a cab/limo or even book hotel rooms.

Security for your Home 

Everyone goes on trips now and then.  Well instead of worrying about the house being secure, stopping the mail and what groceries you will need when you get back is not an issue any more. I will come in take care of all of that for you. The hole point of a trip is to get away and relax. Leave all the important things at home and let me take care of them for you.